Who I am.

Sharing is who I am. Teaching is when I’m at my best.

I got a lot of help to get where I am today. The rewarding part is that passing on what I have learned, earned and eked out from the digital coalface is hugely enjoyable. I know how it feels when you finally ‘get’ it – whatever it may be or in what arcane Photoshop menu ‘it’ has been hiding in. I love the look on a client’s face that quietly announces that they’ve figured out how to get that one important step closer to their dream.

Sharing is who I am, and teaching is where I am at my best, because I’ve been on both sides of that equation, and getting to deliver useful training is my meaningful way to be a part of the creative community.

I’ve not only spent years learning the art, the craft, the interface and the software. Gradually I discovered my mission required not only working with great teachers and offering great courses – I needed to work with people who really wanted to push the envelope of their ideas; people willing to work at developing the skills to realise their ambitions. You bring that, and we’re going to be great together.

I’ve spent a long time watching others learn, and teach, to refine how I work with you to be efficient, useful and, most importantly, memorable. I want you to carry what I’ve shown you into a bright future.

I have a wife (a lovely Cork girl) and kids. I have lived and worked in many places (as Kiwis tend to do) – but most of  my 14+ years of creating and teaching has had one overriding theme: bringing others along for the ride as we all try to change the world with our stories, our labours of love and our art.

What I am.

I’m the most certified Adobe instructor (ACI) in Ireland. I’m also an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and have completed the Adobe Certified Associate training (ACA). And I don’t just do Adobe. Remember, media is a very broad term – digital blew out the borders, so we are all constantly learning.

I’ve been teaching for 14+ years. I come from being a media designer and content creator – so I understand exactly where you’re at now. I’ve been there. I love this stuff. Print, digital publishing, web and video. I can see how it all connects. And I can see how we can share those connections.

I built Bring Your Own Laptop in New Zealand, Australia and online, and I have a great team working with me to keep BYOL at the top of Adobe and digital media training. I understand business, I have one – so I know how important it is to get it right and make it work for you.

Now my focus is on Ireland.  It’s my mission to bring you the best training for digital media in the country.

Daniel Walter Scott