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My name is Dan and I love teaching Photoshop

I deliver Photoshop training courses throughout Ireland for businesses and government agencies. I come to you with laptops or you can use my training room in central Dublin. Together we’ll find a date and course outline that will help you love Photoshop as much as I love teaching it.

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Photoshop Intro (2 days)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and attention spans are limited, you need the best images possible. Adobe Photoshop CC is going to make it happen. It’s the original power tool for image makers. Each successive version of Photoshop unlocks new potential for you to create and design for any kind of visual media – and capture your audience’s attention with something they haven’t seen before.

Video, print, or the web – you’re going to use Photoshop at some point. My training is going to get you there faster than you can on your own.

No matter how much you don’t know, or how many gaps there are in your understanding, I’m going to give you the training to wield Photoshop with the least amount of effort and the most amount of flexibility.

My training is interactive, regardless of you choosing to join a group training day or work with me one on one. I specialise in getting you comfortable creating real content and training you to use efficient workflows. The tools to free you up, to create from your imagination, and not struggle with your limitations.

I back up the training with take home notes and a year of email support for Photoshop.

Who should attend

This Photoshop course is for people new to the software. We will start right at the beginning and walk step by step through it's commercial uses. No previous experience in design or  photography is needed.


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    • Adding file info
    • Basic Colour Adjustment
    • Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones
    • Colour balance
    • Hue and saturation
    • Introducing layers
    • Making Selections
    • Levels
    • Retouching
    • Creating a new document
    • Adding text
    • Layer styles
    • Cropping & straightening
    • Perspective cropping
    • Magic wand tool
    • Quick select tool
    • Image types
    • Colour modes
    • Resolution
    • Save for web
    • Transform tools
    • Dodge tool
    • Desaturation tool
    • Healing brush
    • Burning
    • Blur Tool
    • Content aware scaling
    • Layer modes
    • Creating a montage
    • Layer masks
    • Channel masks
    • Liquify
    • Photomerge
    • Adjustment layers
    • Filters
    • Red eye tool
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Colour Replacement
    • Effects Panel
    • Saving and Exporting


Photoshop Advanced (2 days)

If you’re involved in digital media, content creation or publishing of any kind, Adobe Photoshop CC is going to be involved in some area. It’s a cornerstone product that is frequently underutilised because there is a lot even regular users don’t know or truly understand.

Many of the less obvious features were created to elegantly solve the needs of everyday users – tools that do one range of tasks with alacrity. But only if you know they are there.

My Kung Fu is very strong when it comes to Photoshop. No matter how many years you have been using it, my across the board experience and training is going to reveal new efficiencies and workflow strategies and unlock hidden potential in your work.

If you need to upskill yourself or your team, or if you’re self-taught and rightly know there are gaps in your knowledge, my Advanced Photoshop Training is going to raise your level of ability.

Of course you get printed notes that match what you learn (so you don’t have to remember it all in one go) and you get a year of email support. Beyond that, I can customise your learning so you can go from foot soldier to warrior with specialised skills for your workplace.

Who should attend

These advanced Photoshop courses are for people who have a good understanding of the basics of Photoshop already. This course will look at the new and advanced features that help people work faster and smarter.

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    • Advanced images
    • resize
    • Puppet warp
    • Vanishing point
    • Curves
    • Quick Selection tool
    • Shake reduction
    • Smart sharpen
    • Radial Filter
    • New blur filters
    • Smart Filter Layers
    • Depth of field
    • Sync Settings
    • Share on Behance
    • Content Aware extend
    • Content Aware move
    • Content Aware fill
    • Patch tool
    • Advanced Masking
    • Channel masks with advanced techniques.
    • Layer Groups (with masks).
    • Calculations (masking)
    • Lens blur with alpha channels
    • Website skins
    • - Slice tool
    • - Layer effects and styles
    • - CSS attributes
    • - Properties panel for shapes (vector buttons).
    • Basic 3D (Type)
    • Intro to Video in Photoshop
    • Adjustment layers
    • Layer modes
    • Automated actions
    • Batch processing
    • Brushes
    • Advanced layers
    • Smart objects from Illustrator
    • Choosing an colour profile
    • Upsample (adding pixels)


Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator Intro Combo (5 days)

The perfect storm combines Adobe Photoshop with InDesign and Illustrator in a 5 day intro course. Three industry standards of design and creation seamlessly sharing projects and easily making changes without flattening or locking the files. This is by far the most common course people take when moving into the design space.

You can combine an amazing amount of media, and create any and all of it from scratch – then deliver it with professional standards for print, publication (paper or electronic) or even interactive web! Adobe has cleverly engineered all three to share content, and keep it all editable right up until the final file is finished. And the best part is that they share tools, menus and functions so you don’t have to speak three different languages to create a single outcome.

I’ve got many years of print, web and graphic design under my belt, and I know how it all works together. I’ve made sure that my training brings the best of that experience to you in a way that’s understandable, and useable in your real world content creation. I can customise the training to suit your particular needs, but whatever we do, you are going to have the incredible power of InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator working to make your content greater than the sum of its parts.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at people new to the world of publishing and who want to get all the skills they need to complete their work fast and professionally.

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Photoshop for web (Online)

If you're using Photoshop specifically for web design then visit my online training website. This online tutorial will show you how to design a website using Adobe Photoshop.

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My rate is €700 per day.

*There can be travel costs if you require training outside of Dublin.


What you get

  • A full set of training notes.
  • 12 months of email support.
  • Completion certificate.
  • Irelands best Photoshop trainer!


Class size

Classes should be between 1 and 9 learners.


Dates are flexible. If you give me an idea of timing I can email you my available dates.


“Very good course with lots of hands on exercises - lots of open discussions. Nice and relaxed atmosphere, nice venue, brilliant teacher, and cool application!“- Frauke Mayer (Chartis)
- Photoshop Advanced
“The best for information delivery and content.  One of he most enjoyable and educational courses I've ever been on and I do one at least every 2 months.“- Leong Goh (Dental Services)
- Photoshop Courses
“Daniel is a very professional and friendly Instructor. I was a real greenhorn until I came to Daniels class I went away on cloud 9 with my head full of knowledge and exciting stuff that I intend to carry on with. I also found his instruction book very simple and easy to follow.“- Elizabeth Rose
- Photoshop Intro