My name is Dan and I love teaching InDesign.

I deliver InDesign training courses throughout Ireland for businesses and government agencies. I come to you with laptops or you can use my training room in central Dublin. Together we’ll find a date and course outline that will help you love InDesign as much as I love teaching it.

InDesign Training

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InDesign Intro (2 days)

Adobe InDesign is the world standard for page and document design, layout and implementation. It creates the files that everyone else in the production chain is expecting. You want to play on the world stage with your message, then you turn to InDesign.

But if you thought a blank page was a challenge, then InDesign with all its power and potential can be intimidating to get started with. Unless you get InDesign training that starts from the beginning, but doesn’t treat you like a child. I bring real world training that makes InDesign work for business and creative people alike.

Because my InDesign training is hands on, you get the knowledge you need to create actual content to real standards. And I back up the training with a year of email support and printed notes.

Who should attend

This intro InDesign training is for people who have never used the software before. If you need to start using InDesign at work then this is the perfect course for you.

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    • Setting up documents
    • Managing pages
    • Text essentials
    • Using imagery
    • Understanding colour
    • Bullets and numbered lists
    • Borders
    • Text threading
    • Formatting objects
    • Transforming objects
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Exporting for print
    • Packaging files
    • Sending files to printer
    • PDF essentials
    • What is bleed & slug
    • Info panel
    • Links panel
    • Special characters
    • Placeholder text
    • Auto page numbering
    • Anchored objects
    • Open type
    • Kuler
    • Tabs
    • Data merge (Basic)
    • Smart guides
    • Master pages
    • Type on a path
    • Find/Change
    • Clipping masks
    • Text effects
    • Drop Shadows
    • Paragraph styles
    • Character styles
    • Pencil, smooth & erase tool
    • Rotate, scale & shear tool
    • Using gradients
    • Table essentials
    • Using GREP
    • Conditional text
    • Creating a table of contents
    • Layers
    • Find missing fonts
    • Dynamic spelling

InDesign Advanced (2 days)

Once you have the basics of InDesign, especially with my interactive training, you are ready to discover the shortcuts and power plays that unleash large scale print productions and interactive PDF publishing. From web ready PDFs that contain multimedia and working forms and links to multipage manuals, books and creations that are professionally ‘print ready.’

This training shows you how to create all the tricky details of a publications like a table of contents, glossary and chapters that keep up with the main content and reflect changes as you make them. Sometimes small changes can destroy a layout many pages later (I’m sure you’ve had that happen in Word) but I’ll show you how to wrangle it all in InDesign.

My training delves into online and eBook publishing, but because it’s interactive, I make sure you don’t get lost in the details. I can customise my training to suit where you and your team are at so you can train to specific outcomes. I can also take you through functions you’ve never used and unlock new abilities and opportunities for your content to have an even greater impact.

So if you know you’ve only just scratched the surface with Adobe InDesign, I have the advanced training that will not only bring efficiencies to your workflow, I’ll take you to a new level of mastery with one of the most important tools there is for brining your message to the masses.

Who should attend

This course is perfect for people who have a good understanding of InDesigns basic features and want to move to the next level. Learn everything InDesign is capable of plus all the fast workflow time savers. I really do love teaching this course!

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    • Advanced text formatting
    • Using long documents
    • Sections and chapter numbering
    • Using libraries
    • Advanced linking panel
    • Object Styles
    • Table and cell styles
    • Creating an index
    • Preflight
    • PDF forms
    • Alternate Layouts
    • Liquid Layout
    • Linked Content
    • Primary Text Frame
    • Text Frames that Auto-Size
    • Flexible Columns
    • Split Window
    • Creating templates
    • Nested styles
    • Using rich black
    • Separations
    • Overprint vs. knockout
    • Live distribute
    • Optical margin alignment
    • Linking to text files
    • Smart text reflow
    • Advanced anchored objects
    • Non printable objects
    • Background tasks
    • Using Tags
    • Using Scripts
    • Open type
    • Advanced GREP codes
    • Soft proofing
    • Span & split columns
    • Using other languages
    • Gap tool
    • Note tool
    • Layer modes
    • Presentation mode
    • Power shortcuts


InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator Combo (5 days)

The perfect storm combines Adobe InDesign with Photoshop and Illustrator in a 5 day intro course. Three industry standards of design and creation seamlessly sharing projects and easily making changes without flattening or locking the files. This is by far the most common course people take when moving into the design space.

You can combine an amazing amount of media, and create any and all of it from scratch – then deliver it with professional standards for print, publication (paper or electronic) or even interactive web! Adobe has cleverly engineered all three to share content, and keep it all editable right up until the final file is finished. And the best part is that they share tools, menus and functions so you don’t have to speak three different languages to create a single outcome.

I’ve got many years of print, web and graphic design under my belt, and I know how it all works together. I’ve made sure that my training brings the best of that experience to you in a way that’s understandable, and useable in your real world content creation. I can customise the training to suit your particular needs, but whatever we do, you are going to have the incredible power of InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator working to make your content greater than the sum of its parts.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at people new to the world of publishing and who want to get all the skills they need to complete their work fast and professionally.

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My rate is €700 per day.

*There can be travel costs if you require training outside of Dublin.


What you get

  • A full set of training notes.
  • 12 months of email support.
  • Completion certificate.
  • Irelands best InDesign trainer!


Class size

Classes should be between 1 and 9 learners.


Dates are flexible. If you give me an idea of timing I can email you my available dates.


“Small class, personal attention, lots of good stuff, trainer knew his topic, lots of insights into how things could be used in our office. Daniel has a really good attitude - made things fun and 'possible'. Any time I was lost he quickly got me back on track. Two days has gone very fast and I'm dying to get back to the office to get started.“- Keith Busch (Sigma Publications)
- InDesign Course
“Very good. I like to take notes so I can absorb later on...but sometimes you concentrate so hard on getting notes for later you forget te now. This does not happen with this course becuase the notes are exceptional, step by step so I could concentrate on listening, learning, doing and practicing. I think a took a lot more in.“- Andrea Hubbard (Mountain Safety Council)
- InDesign Course
“Daniel's great - friendly, honest, has real life (ie. studio/freelance) experience. It's casual but structured training where you can ask questions as you go and you're not made to feel like an idiot.“- Sam Robinson (Urban Jandal Communications)
- InDesign Course