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InDesign CC tutorial 20: How to make a table of contents.

Hi, this is Pip Payne and your watching Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial for InDesign CC and today were going to be talking about creating a Table Of Contents.

You’ll notice that I’ve set my environment up the top here to typography, which is why a have these options available on the right which include my para styles and my character styles. I’ve already got a document set up, with a space for table of contents.

I’m using Lorem Ipsum text and I’ve set up a style for my sub-heads which run through the document like so. Our first stop in creating a table of contents from a style is to choose layout, then table of contents. And here's the interface. Now, our layout has a table of content already applied so we don’t need to put the title in here , so I just delete that. Notice that it now says style and table of contents on the left hand box here, includes paragraph styles.

We want to remove the basic factory default of basic and then add the sub that I’ve already created which then appears over in the left. If we leave it at entry style, as same style, then it will have the same style as the sub. Lets just have a look at the and see if it works. I’m now going to place the table of contents in the space that I left for it, and you’ll notice that we don’t have a heading and their in the same style as my sub. Now, should we want to create a table of contents style that is not the sub, its very straight forward. If we revisit our layout, table of contents, we can see that under style, sub, entry style, we can change from same style to a pre-existing style called T. O. C. body text, which InDesign creates when we create a table of contents. If we go okay, it regenerates the table of contents style to a basic body copy kind of style.

Lets adjust this, we’re going into table of contents, adding a tab, a right hand tab, with a four point leader which I’ll go okay and now you can see we have something that's a little bit more like a table of contents. Now, lets just make sure it works. I’m going to go in and delete one of my sub heads here, go back and regenerate the table of contents and Purple People Eater should have been deleted and the style will be T.O.C. body text. As it is. Purple People Eater has gone.

And that's it, for this short tutorial on creating a table of contents for Bring Your Own Laptop



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