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InDesign CC tutorial 19: How to make a gradient.

Hi, this is Pip Payne and your watching an Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial in Indesign CC and this one is about gradients.

I’m going to start with a rectangle fulling the background, which I’m then going to full with a gradient. So, making sure my full if on top, as opposed to my stroke, double click on the gradient and change it to linear or radial to activate it.

Its very straight forward to add colour. You simply drag the colour you want over on it, which will then replace the one your hovering over. I can do the same thing with the light blue here, notice if I go to just the one side, I end up getting another swatch and its very easy to get rid of swatches just simply drag them down. So now I have dark blue to light blue. If I wanted to add another swatch, I could simply drag another colour and it would add it. I can also adjust things a little finer using these top diamonds and I can change the angle 90, very good.

And I can reverse my gradient, here. And gradients can be saved in the swatches panel. You’ll notice there's an icon two from the left, show gradient swatches and with a gradient selected in a box, simply, new swatch. Its also possible to add a gradient to a stroke. I’ll select my line tool, draw a line, holding down shift to keep it parallel, change the width to see what's going on, and change it here to activate it.

We now have the same gradient, if I change it to 180 degrees we’ll be able to see it. So, that a gradient applied to a stroke or line. And that's it for creating gradients.

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