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Bullet points

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InDesign CC tutorial 18: How to make a bullet & numbered list.

Hi, this is Pip Payne, your watching a Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial for InDesign CC on bullets and numbered lists.

Changing a set of paragraphs into a bullet or numbered list is very straight forward. We need to access the paragraph parameters and the formatting controls in the contents menu up here. And here you’ll see the bulleted lists and up here you’ll see the numbered lists.

First of all, select the paragraphs you wish to change and then simply click on the bulleted list to create bullets or the numbered list to create numbers. If you want to change the parameters of your bullets, go to type, paragraph then navigate through the options to bullets and numbering.

To add a bullet click the type in the beginning of your font name. Navigate to the type of bullet you want and click add. Go OK. And there you have an additional bullet, click OK. And you see the bullets have now changed. To create a numbered list is equally as easy, up in the context menu, click numbered list while your text is selected.

To change your numbering simply go to options, bullets and numbering. It recognises that it is a number already and have a look at these options here. Different types here. Its possible to add different levels of numbering. One, one point one, one point one one etc, which we’ll cover in another tutorial. If we’re happy with our layout then that its for today's tutorial in bulleted and numbered lists.

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