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Wrap text in InDesign

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Text wrap - using an object (run around)

Use this feature to get text to wrap around objects as per screen shot below.

Example of text wrap

To begin you must have a type box with text in it.

  1. Draw a shape that you would like to have the text wrap around e.g. an image, box, circle or a hand drawn shape.
  2. The shape must overlap the text is some way.
    image on top of text
  3. Make sure the shape is selected.
  4. Choose Window > Text Wrap:
    Window Text Wrap
  5. Choose one of the top icons from the Text Wrap Panel. You will need to experiment to find the best option for you.
    Note: You can adjust the settings in the Text Wrap Panel for more control.
    text wrapping around square

Ignore text wrap

If you have applied a Text Wrap to an object or image but have another piece of text that you would like to place on top of the image (e.g a heading, or an image credit) you can tell InDesign to ignore the text wrap settings.

  1. To begin your text must be in it’s own text box.
  2. Select your text box using the Selection Tool and go to Object > Text Frame Options.
    Text Frame options
  3. Select ‘Ignore Text Wrap’ and click OK.
    Text frame options detail
  4. This will allow this text box to sit on top of the image or object regardless of the Text Wrap settings applied.




Video transcription

InDesign CC tutorial 16: How to wrap text around an object.

Hi, this is Pip Payne and your watching a Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial for InDesign CC. Featuring, text wrap.

So, what is text wrap? Text wrap allows us to create lovely layouts like this. See how this text flows effortlessly around this picture of a green field. So lets start by dismantling what I’ve done.

Its looking pretty ugly. The picture sits on top of the text which flows behind it and the caption sits underneath the picture but is lost. So the first thing we’re going to do is create a text wrap. So lets select the text for the caption and the picture and go to window up in the context menu and go down to text wrap.

Four options here, no text wrap, wrap around an object, jump an object and jump to the next column. If I turn that off the text is pushed away from the box which has got text wrap on it. But if I go ignore text wrap, then it is ignored. Now thats wonderful for a square shape but what about an irregular shaped object like this.

Lets pop this down the corner and say we want to wrap the text around the left hand side of the flower, the white area. Open the text wrap dialog box again and here we have wrap around object shape. We can just leave all of those and type, detect edges and its easy enough to just go object, arrange, centre back and theres our text, wrapped around an irregular object. Now this only works if the background of our object is white.

Now if you want just a quick and dirty text wrap where you want the text to simply go around the object, without too much messing around, you can simply go up here in the contents menu and select text wrap. And thats all from Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial on  Text wrap

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