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Automatically resize box

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Fitting frame to content

This technique is great when you have a text frame (or image frame) that is too big for your text.

This is my original text box (notice the text frame is too big).

Fit frame to conent      
* Excuse the spelling :)

  1. Make sure your text box is selected using your Selection Tool .
  2. Then right click your text box and choose ‘Fitting > Fit Frame to Content’
    Fit frame to content
  3. Done
    Automatic frame resize

Video transcription

InDesign CC tutorial 12: How to fit a frame to content

Hi this is Pip Payne.

And this is a Bring Your Own Laptop Tutorial we’ll look at a neat little trick called fitting frame to content. My text frame here is much larger than the type thats in it.

First of all, I’m going to put a copyright symbol in here by going to Glyph and finding my copyright symbol there, double clicking it. That places a copyright symbol just where I need it here. Make sure the text box is selected with the black selector which makes an object and then a pulldown menu here. Object, go to fitting and fit frame to content. Or Control, Alt C. Or Apple Alt C for a Mac. Another way to control this effect is through object text frame options. Lets create a text box and full with place holder text.

Ok, so lets make that a bit bigger, so now if I go to object text frame options , you’ll notice, auto size is here and I can change it to - height only which has the same effect. I can go OK. The other thing I can do , which is very clever is I can go to styles, object styles, because it is an object and I can go, while that is still selected and give it a new object style, fit, height, and go ok. Now fit height, thats now a style so if I create another text box and fill it with place holder text, I can apply that style to that text box. And thats it from this Bring Your Own Laptop tutorial.

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