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Deleting from Master page

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Releasing an object from the Master Page.

This shortcut will allow you to release master page objects from pages. E.g. Select and delete the page number from page 5. Or select and recolour an object that is normally locked on the master page.

  1. Be on your Selection Tool then hold:
    (MAC) CMD + Shift & Click the page number box.
    (PC) CTRL + Shift & Click the page number box.
    Now you can move it, change the colour or delete it.

Video transcription

InDesign CC tutorial 10: Releasing text from the master page

My name is Pip Payne. I am a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

We are going to look at releasing objects from master pages. This can be really useful if you have a page number that you want to take off of a blank page half way through your document. Firstly let’s look at releasing an object from a master page. We spoke before about how objects on master pages appear on every page.  I’ll just create a graphic on my master page like this. Now I'm going to fill it with a colour. We saw previously that whatever is on my master page is on every page (on every right hand page here). What happens of I want to change.

It’s easy. I just hold down ctrl shift (or apple shift on a Mac) and click the object. That releases it from the master page.

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