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Leading is line spacing. It’s purpose is to allow the designer to alter the density of blocks of text. Newspapers are quite dense and as such use a tighter line spacing value than you would find in magazines, brochures, or posters.

leading in InDesign

Stars & Star Bursts

  1. Choose the Polygon tool (If you can’t see it - press and hold the ‘rectangle tool’)
    Leading example
  2. To change the style of star - double click the Polygon tool in the tool bar.
  3. For a regular star shape use the following settings.
     Star in Indesign
  4. For a Star Burst use these settings.Star BurstAdd the text ‘New Store Now Open’ and show class how to group and rotate.
    Note: Finish by inserting the GG Logo.eps file and adding the text (see next page).



Grouping two or more objects together will allow you to move/transform them as one unit.

  1. Lets add text to the new star burst as per the following screen shot.
    Grouping in Indesign
  2. Using the Selection Tool select both the text box and the star burst while holding the shift key down.
  3. Object > Group
    Object Group


Finished Flyer

Finished Layout


Exporting a job to print/pdf

  1. With your finished file open choose File > Export.
  2. Name the file and choose Adobe PDF (CS4) or Adobe PDF Print (CS5 & 6) from the drop down menu.
    File Export in InDesign
  3. Click Save.
  4. Choose High Quality Print from the Adobe PDF Preset menu.
    Note: If this file is going over to a commercial printer they may have PDF settings that they can send you. If not, High Quality Print is a good all-round preset.

    PDF Settings in InDesign
  5. Choose ‘Marks and Bleeds’ from the menu on the left.
  6. Choose Crop Marks.
  7. Either choose ‘Use Document Bleed’ or Manually type in the bleed depending on how you’ve set up your document. If you don’t require any bleed, ignore step 6 & 7.
    PDF Export Settings in InDesign
  8. Click the Export button & send/email to your printer.

Video transcription

InDesign CC tutorial 07: How to amend existing documents

My name is Pip Payne. I am a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

This tutorial is suitable if you are a complete beginner in InDesign.

Open up InDesign and ensure that your environment is set to essentials.


The first thing I'm going to look at is leading.

Double click on my text box, select the text, there is a context menu up the top, one is ‘character’, one is ‘paragraph’.

To start let’s look at the leading of this text here which is 43. Notice I can increase it or decrease it. If I wont to change the space after a paragraph, I prefer to use ‘space after’, where I can add space or take space away.

I’m going to lock this layer to prevent the next thing from being interfered with.

Creating a star burst in InDesign

Next, I’m going to create a starburst using the polygon tool. If I double click on my polygon tool, notice if I double click on this tool, I’ve got a number of sides and star inset. Let’s look at what happens when I create that. I’ve got a number of sides which gives me the 50 and the inset gives me this piece here. I can fill this with orange and resize it to make it smaller.

If I want to add text, click inside the box, go to my ‘text frame’ options and hit ‘centre’. That brings the object down to the centre of the page. The cursor is  blinking right there. I can write in ‘sale on now’. Increase it with ‘control’, ‘shift’, ‘greater than’, we can see that the type is within the graphic. No need to for text box and graphic. I can now rotate by 15 degrees. Transform, rotate by 15 degrees. Preview with ‘w’ and then back to lay out view by clicking ‘w’. Export it to PDF, go to ‘file’ ‘export’ and call it GG flyer 1. This is for print. So go to save, and printing I will need crop marks and a bleed setting of about 3mm. Then export.


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