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Change Pica's to Inches/mm

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Some versions of InDesign come using Inch’s or Pica’s as their default measurement.

  1. To change the units to mm you need to have InDesign open but documents open yet.
  2. Mac: Click the words: InDesign (top left next to apple symbol) > Preferences > Units & Increments.
  3. PC: Edit > Preferences > Units & Increments.  InDesign preferences units
  4. Choose Millimetres from the Horizontal & Vertical drop down menus.  
    InDesign CC Preferences
  5. Click OK


Video transcription

InDesign CC tutorial 02: Change your measures from Pica's to Imperial or Metric

My name is Daniel Walter Scott. I am a trainer here at Bring Your Own Laptop.

The next part of our InDesign tutorial involves changing the default units and increments. Often when you install InDesign for the first time, especially InDesign CC, it may potentially come up with the wrong units of measurement depending on what part of the world you are in.

The Americans use inches, and the British use mms. So we are going to show you how to change these. By default, InDesign CC is using picas as its’ unit of measurement. It’s not a measurement that is very commonly used any more. So to do it, in InDesign, on a Mac, go up to ‘InDesign’, ‘preferences’, go down to ‘units’ and ‘increments. On a PC go to ‘edit’, and right down the bottom on the PC will say the exact same thing. It will say ‘preferences’, go to ‘units’ and ‘increments’. On a Mac though, its under, ‘InDesign’, ‘preferences’, ‘units’ and ‘Increments’. So once you are in here you can go through and change your horizontal from picas or points etc to mms. Click ok and that will change the default from now on.

When you are doing this make sure that you don’t have any document open. If you do have a document open, it will make the change for just that document. If you want to change it permanently, you need to have no document open.

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