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My name is Dan and I love teaching Illustrator

I deliver Illustrator training courses throughout Ireland for businesses and government agencies. I come to you with laptops or you can use my training room in central Dublin. Together we’ll find a date and course outline that will help you love Illustrator as much as I love teaching it.

Adobe Illustrator
illutrator training course

Illustrator Intro (1 day)

Where Photoshop grounds itself in the photographic image, Adobe’s essential tool ‘Illustrator’ sees its roots in painting, drawing and illustration. Illustrator lets you create and manipulate shapes and colours and combine them to produce incredibly refined objects that can scale infinitely.

Because Illustrator does typesetting and logo designs without peer, and because of its flexible vector format, Illustrator creates files fit just about anywhere. That’s really important when you create artwork that needs to work on a tiny cell phone screen and on a billboard.

You get tools that reflect the pencil and brush, rather than just pixels, and you get a flexible platform to create visual content from scratch using a drawing mentality. Illustrator lets you create art for everything from print to the web, to video and games. Tools with an unmatched level of control and flexibility.

Because of my many years of graphic design experience, my training shows you how to get the most out of Illustrator. It’s practical training that gets you creating artwork for print and web. No matter your level of experience, you’ll learn to create polished designs. Don’t forget I give you take home notes and a year of email support to keep you going strong.

Who should attend

This Illustrator course is for people who are completely new to the software. No previous design experience is expected.


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    • Explore & customize the Interface
    • Bitmap VS Vector Graphics
    • Creating Shapes
    • Creating Custom Paths
    • Working with Text
    • Importing Graphics
    • Envelope Distortions for Text
    • Gradients
    • Align and Distribution
    • Custom Guides
    • Intro to Layers
    • Creating a Logo


    • Saving and Exporting for Print
    • Proofing a Document
    • RGB, CMYK, Spot & Pantone creation
    • Find and Replace
    • Symbols
    • Trace Features
    • Path Finder
    • Create Compound Paths
    • Redrawing maps
    • Kuler

Illustrator Advanced (1 day)

If you know you’ve got the basics down, or you’ve benefited already from my super useful Adobe Illustrator training, it’s time to get to grips with the advanced features of Illustrator. You know that feeling that there might be a better way. Yes, there probably is.

I want to show you how to use some of the more specialised tools in Adobe Illustrator. I also want to show you how to be more efficient and let the program do the heavy lifting for you. I can customise this training to help you or your team with specific print or web outcomes, and show you the best way to get repeatable professional results.

Some of the material covered includes creatively combing apps, so you can leverage Illustrator with Photoshop and InDesign etc., cleaner construction methods, correctly using a tablet, and mastering typefaces that work in other apps.

I’ll work with you on meeting industry technical standards, and creating content that works in the real world with professional quality. I have years of experience to share with you to get you beyond up and running, it’s time you had the power to fly.

Who should attend

This advanced Illustrator course is for people who have a basic understanding of Illustrator and want to move from Illustrator amateur to Illustrator hero!

This course is perfect for people who have completed my introduction course and want to learn more.

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    • Export Images for Print & Web
    • Creating Complex Illustrations
    • Clipping Masks
    • Advance Typography
    • Offset Paths
    • Live Effects
    • Filters
    • Liquefy Tools
    • Pattern Swatches
    • Pattern Brushes
    • Open Type Text
    • Graphic Styles
    • Creating a Newsletter
    • Advanced Drawing and Path Editing
    • Advanced Links Panel
    • Create a Mesh
    • Create Custom Brushes
    • Live Paint
    • Creating a Business Card
    • Opacity Masks
    • Recolour Artwork
    • Gradient Mesh
    • Advanced Appearance Panel
    • Create 3-D Effects
    • Working with Graphs
    • Set Up colour Management
    • Overprinting
Adobe Illustrator certified instructor
Adobe Illustrator certified expert
Adobe certified associate

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My rate is €700 per day.

*There can be travel costs if you require training outside of Dublin.


What you get

  • A full set of training notes.
  • 12 months of email support.
  • Completion certificate.
  • Irelands best Illustrator trainer!


Class size

Classes should be between 1 and 9 learners.


Dates are flexible. If you give me an idea of timing I can email you my available dates.


“Daniel is extremely professional in the way he presents the courses. I've also completed the Photoshop class and found the experience to be very valuable to me. Easy to pick up.“- Daxa Bhana
- Illustrator Intro
“Very good - personalised to our abilities and able to have help for our own work.“- Christine Petty (Grafix Wall Art)
- Illustrator Intro
“If you've had no experience with the tool it is a great course to come and do.  You get to learn main tools and the book of instructions is simple to understand even for a beginner.  I would rate it highly. The tutor is friendly, approachable, excellent teaching skills and makes you feel comfortable.“- Victoria Taupau (LDS Church)
- Illustrator Intro