My name is Dan and I love teaching Adobe.

I deliver this ID/PS/IL combo training course throughout Ireland for businesses and government agencies. I come to you with laptops or you can use my training room in central Dublin. Together we’ll find a date and course outline that will help you love Adobe as much as I love teaching it.

InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator Combo

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InDesign, Photoshop & Illustrator Combo (5 days)

When you make a rope, you wind 3 strands together. They then become much stronger and more useful than the individual parts on their own. You know how pivotal Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are on their own. But Adobe raised the stakes by building simple to use connections between all three. Create in one, edit in another and finish in a third. No more lone wolf – you have the power of the whole pack working in complete cooperation together.

Create your images and massage your text in the best possible environment, and bring it all together with the ability to make changes any time you want without penalty – from a logo to a photo, from a page to a book. And Adobe made sure that the tools, menus and terminology of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are all on the same page. Pun intended.

I’ve got many years of experience with all three programs – so my training is not in theoretical or academic outcomes. I’m hands on with you creating real world content to professional standards – the way it’s done in industry. Starting from zero, I’m gonna show you how to be useful (if not dangerous) with all 3 applications. Training backed with take home notes you can actually understand and a year of email support.

Have it all, with training you’ll enjoy.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at people new to the world of publishing and who want to get all the skills they need to complete their work fast and professionally.

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    • Setting up documents
    • Managing pages
    • Text essentials
    • Using imagery
    • Understanding colour
    • Bullets and numbered lists
    • Borders
    • Text threading
    • Formatting objects
    • Transforming objects
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Exporting for print
    • Packaging files
    • Sending files to printer
    • PDF essentials
    • What is bleed & slug
    • Info panel
    • Links panel
    • Special characters
    • Placeholder text
    • Auto page numbering
    • Anchored objects
    • Open type


    • Kuler
    • Tabs
    • Data merge (Basic)
    • Smart guides
    • Master pages
    • Type on a path
    • Find/Change
    • Clipping masks
    • Text effects
    • Drop Shadows
    • Paragraph styles
    • Character styles
    • Pencil, smooth & erase tool
    • Rotate, scale & shear tool
    • Using gradients
    • Table essentials
    • Using GREP
    • Conditional text
    • Creating a table of contents
    • Layers
    • Find missing fonts
    • Dynamic spelling


    InDesign component - 2 days

    • Adding file info
    • Basic Colour Adjustment
    • Shadows, Highlights, and Midtones
    • Colour balance
    • Hue and saturation
    • Introducing layers
    • Making Selections
    • Levels
    • Retouching
    • Creating a new document
    • Adding text
    • Layer styles
    • Cropping & straightening
    • Perspective cropping
    • Magic wand tool
    • Quick select tool
    • Image types
    • Colour modes
    • Resolution
    • Save for web


    • Transform tools
    • Dodge tool
    • Desaturation tool
    • Healing brush
    • Burning
    • Blur Tool
    • Content aware scaling
    • Layer modes
    • Creating a montage
    • Layer masks
    • Channel masks
    • Liquify
    • Photomerge
    • Adjustment layers
    • Filters
    • Red eye tool
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Colour Replacement
    • Effects Panel
    • Saving and Exporting


    Photoshop component - 2 days

    • Explore & customize the Interface
    • Bitmap VS Vector Graphics
    • Creating Shapes
    • Creating Custom Paths
    • Working with Text
    • Importing Graphics
    • Envelope Distortions for Text
    • Gradients
    • Align and Distribution
    • Custom Guides
    • Intro to Layers
    • Creating a Logo
    • Saving and Exporting for Print
    • Proofing a Document
    • RGB, CMYK, Spot & Pantone creation
    • Find and Replace
    • Symbols
    • Trace Features
    • Path Finder
    • Create Compound Paths
    • Redrawing maps
    • Kuler

    Illustrator component - 1 day

Adobe certified instructor
Adobe certified expert
Adobe certified associate

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My rate is €700 per day.

*There can be travel costs if you require training outside of Dublin.


What you get

  • A full set of training notes.
  • 12 months of email support.
  • Completion certificate.
  • Irelands best Adobe trainer!


Class size

Classes should be between 1 and 9 learners.


Dates are flexible. If you give me an idea of timing I can email you my available dates.


“I began a graphic design paper at an institute and dropped it after a fortnight; it wasnt teaching me the basic hands on skills I needed to get in a relativley succint period of time.  BYOL has been amazing in that aspect - very concise and practical.“- Kay Tiddy
- ID/PS/IL Combo Course
“The best training course I have been on by far. The trainers are not only good at training but also very experienced in their feild and shared so many time saving tip. Simply brilliant.“- Sylvie Morton (Freelancer)
- ID/PS/IL Combo Course
“Personalised, practical, right up to date, fun. Knows his "stuff"; relaxed so made the class relaxed;  anecdotes about his past working experiences in the design field made learning relevant.“- Roz Johnson
- ID/PS/IL Combo Course