My name is Dan and I love teaching After Effects.

I deliver After Effects training courses throughout Ireland for businesses and government agencies. I come to you with laptops or you can use my training room in central Dublin. Together we’ll find a date and course outline that will help you love After Effects as much as I love teaching it.

After Effects Training


After Effects (2 days)

Anyone has the access to make a video and share it via the web. That’s a bit like saying anyone can make beans on toast. But what if you want to say more, do more and stand out. Would you prefer fine dining to toast? Would you prefer to finish your videos with After Effects and usher in a level of quality and creativity that elevates your work to the top? The right training opens the doors on After Effects and video post-production.  After Effects has been the film and broadcast standard for many years, has a vast and dedicated community, and a limitless pool of resources. Adobe After Effects is more than just the secret sauce, it’s the kitchen and all the utensils. All you need is approachable, professional and certified training that will show you how to make the most of After Effects’ massive abilities.

After Effects has all the power of Adobe Photoshop – but with motion! You can add things, move things, delete things, enhance and animate. You can title your video, add 3D objects, remap time, and create special effects and so much more. And while many other software titles do many of these things, even other Adobe products, After Effects does it all, and does it with more precision and more options. It does it better. It makes your video look better, and your message stands out better from the clutter.

Of course all that power comes with a learning curve. But it doesn’t have to be a cliff face! My training starts you from the very beginning, so no matter if you know nothing, or you’ve started on the journey on your own and realised there might be more to this than you thought, I’ll get you on the right track.

Who should attend

 This class will take you through the techniques needed to create motions graphics, video intros and info-graphics. The class is aimed at people who have no previous experience in After Effects.

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    I’m an Adobe Certified Instructor (and Adobe Video Specialist) so I have the skills to show you how to use Adobe products the way the company designed them to be used. That means you get the right instruction, and you learn to use the right tool for the job. I’ll help you avoid the bad habits and pitfalls that self-training can sometime lead to. Together we’ll go through industry standard workflows and exploit the shortcuts and power tools that Adobe built into After Effects.

    I’ve got many years of experience with interactive teaching – it’s literally my first priority to make sure you are engaged and understanding what you are learning. We work together on real world

    projects and you get the help and answers you need in real time. I make sure you never gloss over anything important or miss any details. I work at your pace, you don’t have to try and keep up with a video, and I answer your questions as we go. No rummaging through giant manuals to try and find that missing bit of information. And forget dusty halls with dozens of bored students being lectured to. My training is purely interactive – you learn by doing, and I’m there the whole time helping you get a result and ensuring you are learning.

    I can, of course, tailor the training for your specific group, but our course is entry level and aimed at the corporate video producer, educator, or video makers of any sort. This course is not aimed at film and television professionals. For you, this means I don’t have any assumptions about what you know – we start right at the beginning so you get a solid understanding of the vital fundamentals of Adobe After Effects without missing anything crucial, and without picking up bad habits.

    You can come to my warm and comfy training facility in central Dublin, or I can come to you. And of course, bring your own laptop. But if you don’t have a laptop I can provide that too.

    All my training comes with custom written notes that match perfectly with what you are learning. This takes the pressure off you having to take notes and keep up. It also means you have a ready reference for when you are trying to do something on your own.

    And I know that the learning, and the questions, don’t stop when you’ve done the training with me – that’s why I give you my email address and a whole year’s worth of support for After Effects. Can’t quite remember how to do something – just ask. I’m here for you.

    During the training, you can ask anything you want, and if it’s not working, or not making sense, we work with you right then and there to answer and ensure you got it. That’s the point to my interactive training, and that’s why it’s the best way for you to learn Adobe After Effects. No waiting around hoping someone on an internet forum actually has the right help for you.

    I make sure the training is as hands on as possible – we take After Effects through its paces by working on e-learning videos, corporate videos & YouTube videos. This course does not cover broadcast or feature film usages.

    If you make videos of any kind, Adobe After Effects is going to elevate your productions to a whole new level. If you are going to learn Adobe After Effects, then my hands on training is going to not

    only take you to a whole new level, it’s going to lay a foundation of real world skill and understanding that you can build on for years to come.

    So at this point, if you’ve realised this is the best training in Ireland to get started learning After Effects, it’s time to pick up the phone and call me, or send me an email and we’ll work out the right time and place to suit your needs.

    You can join one of our regularly scheduled classes in our Dublin facility, or I can come to you – or I can tailor the training to suit your company’s needs. Let me know – I’m here to help with this and most other Adobe products.



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My rate is €700 per day.

*There can be travel costs if you require training outside of Dublin.


What you get

  • A full set of training notes.
  • 12 months of email support.
  • Completion certificate.
  • Irelands best After Effects trainer!


Class size

Classes should be between 1 and 9 learners.


Dates are flexible. If you give me an idea of timing I can email you my available dates.